The Tibetan Cultural Society of Vancouver Island (TCSOVI) is a non-profit, non-political society committed to preserving the cultural heritage of Tibetan people., established in May 2010 to:

  • share Tibetan music, dance, language, art, medicine and traditions with Vancouver Island
  • strengthen community connections for Tibetans and friends throughout the island
  • raise funds for disaster relief and sustainable development in Tibetan communities overseas

Earthquake Relief

Our first goal is to raise funds to help those affected by the tragic earthquake in Yushu, Tibet, China. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Yushu on 14 April, 2010, causing the deaths of at least 2049 people (according to Chinese news sources) or perhaps more than 10,000 (according to Taiwanese and Tibetan news sources). Our fundraising efforts will help survivors dealing with with the terrible aftermath — injuries, grief, homelessness, and lack of food and safe water. All monies raised will be transferred to those desperately in need.

Please help us to support people whose lives have been devastated by this tragic natural disaster. Check our calendar for upcoming events and help us by attending, spreading the word, or volunteering. We appreciate your kind involvement in any way you can.

May this natural tragedy generate the compassion of all humanity! May this compassion enable human well-being and dignity! May peace prevail on earth!

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