Pema’s Feast Recap

Pema Wangchen wrote to the volunteer team following our Tibetan Feast with these words:

We had a hugely successful event! we havne’t done the final tally yet because we are still calculating. Please let me know if you have any receipts and any espenses related to the event that you need to be covered. Once we have all the information I will let everyone know the amount we have raised. Thank you!  I received so many emails commenting on how nice the event was. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work. Without your kind involvement there is no way we could have held this event. It is so awesome that all of our efforts have resulted in a success for all of us and that we were able to raise funds to help! One thousand thank-yous! I hope the evening and all of the preparations were a positive experience for you, and that you are very tired (Because,  from a Buddhist perspective, being tired from helping others is a great way to purify obstacles.) Please extend our thank to your partner and friends you have invited to volunteer.
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